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Welcome to Quantex RESEARCH Ltd home page. We are a Consultancy based in South Manchester with three areas of interest and work. These are:

  1. Statistical modelling - mainly in the engineering sector although by it's nature statistical techniques can be applied everywhere that something is measured. Statistical modelling does not mean simple tabulation exercises but tries to infer the underlying model that is frequently hidden and to calibrate this model. You can find examples of some of our work here which includes work for the energy sector, for the Regulatory Authorities and collaborative work. John Logsdon is the appropriate person to contact in the first instance.

  2. Social science, evaluation and science policy. We have extensive experience in the design and analysis of questionnaires as well as evaluation, continuous evaluation and development of policies at national and international level. Maria Nedeva is the appropriate person to contact and you may find examples of the interests here.

  3. Promotion of sound statistical methodology throughout industry. Quantex RESEARCH Ltd is promoting an innovative Internet-based technology that puts statisticians and industry together. It includes a bureau service with the best statistical software, pay-as-you-go and group accounting features running both an open source and Windows environment. The site is www.industrial-statistics.com

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We hope you find some or all of these interesting.  Please let us know at j.logsdon@quantex-research.co.uk

Please note that Quantex RESEARCH Ltd (Company Registration 04287395) has nothing to do with any other company using the name Quantex located in the United Kingdom or anywhere else.

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